Left/Right Move with Orient Rotation true

Hey, the video attached shows when l move left or right, the player rotates towards the camera first, rather than their back towards the camera to move left and right. Any ideas how to adjust this? I have Oriant Rotation Movement set to true which complicates this but is required.

Here is the default movement control:

I think the issue is how Orient Rotation to Movement works. Anybody know how to make this so l can copy and adjust?

This is getting very frustrating, I’d really appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a sample project that has just movement set up like described, even just an altered thirdPerson_template. Thanks.

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How are you setting up your blendspace?
Seems to only have 1 direction.
You may need directional movement anims as well.
“Left, right, back, etc.”

Thanks for the reply, l added directional movements, but no luck unfortunately. Any other ideas? Here is the blendspace: