Left, Right, and Middle Mouse Inputs Don't Work Sometimes (Unreal 4.27)

Whenever I try to use left, right, and middle clicks in a packaged version of my project, sometimes it doesn’t work at all when I’m playing in a packaged file. It works 100% of the time in the editor. And the mouse movement for the camera works 100% of the time

I’ve tried having input mappings, switching packaging type, migrating the project to another project, checking my mouse hardware, and starting a new project completely. But it never fixes the issue of the mouse buttons not triggering in packaged games.

My project is in it’s prototype stage and there isn’t much code. The reason I don’t use unreal 5 is because my computer can’t handle it without serious performance issues.

Here’s a screenshot of my test code:

It just launches the character a small distance so I can see if it triggered for clearly.

As for replicating this issue, there isn’t a clear way. However, I did notice the issue triggered more often when looking strait down

I’m truly not sure what the exact issue is. So any help here is greatly appreciated.