Left Mouse click event - how to use Gamepad to mimic

I was wondering how I can mimic the standard functionality of the left mouse click with an input from a Gamepad?
Example - I have created an Accept button and using the keyboard/Mouse I can move over the button and click using the left mouse to hit the button and it does the functionality.

I’ve had a look through the Inputs and there is no mouse inputs in there so I assume there is somewhere else to add the Gamepad element to mimic this.

Can someone point me in the right direction



There’s a certain BP set up to have the controller read the UI and you would have set it up in the widget. I’m at work right now so I can’t send a screen shot. But if I can find the tutorial again I will link it. Have you tried connecting a controller to see if you can move around?

Yes I have my xbox controller connected and it moves the player perfectly - just cant get it to mimic the old left click of the mouse
Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

All sorted - Turns out it uses the A button which I had assigned to a different function DOH!!


Hi all

Check these settings in your custom PlayerController.

Its not work, i need make some especific configuration???