Left Mouse Button press doesn't do anything

The image attached below is what I have in a weapon Blueprint. To me (a beginner), it looks like it should work perfectly. It works when I replace Left Mouse Button with Event Tick so that was encouraging. However, it doesn’t work when just left mouse button is there. I tried to google around for an answer, but there was nothing useful.

I even tried setting it to space bar to see if it was just a left click issue. It wasn’t and still nothing happened.

So, what should I try to do or change? For some context, this stuff is in a blueprint on its own from the character blueprint that holds the weapon. I don’t know if that changes anything, but figured I’d include that.

try adding to Pitch instead of Roll. Does it move now?

This is what got it all to work properly, I have no idea why. Someone suggested it and it works so I’m content.