Left Mouse button in Detect Drag if Pressed doesnt work?


Im currently making an inventory, and everything workes just fine. Except “Left mouse” button in “detect drag if pressed”.

If I switch this to “right mouse button” everything works fine. Can anybody explain why left mouse button doenst work, while right mouse button works ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any reply

If this is about a Button inside a List or Grid Panel, set Button Interaction to Precise Click.

It is probably because your mouse is not on top of whatever it is you are dragging.

“The old code didn’t handle the mouse click (no good), it allowed for this behavior, but also would cause things like clicks passing through buttons and activating stuff in the viewport (no good). So - the SButton no longer returns Unhandled, and returns handled. The correct way to do this now would be to override OnPreviewMouseDown, instead of OnMouseDown - and then have the same code as before.”


well, you are a hero!

My hero <3

Now drag detected doesnt work. Mouse down left click works. Help pls

Hi guys, I solved my problem. It is caused by when your drag nodes doesnt go to its return node, this problem occurs. You have to view your node cycle for why dont it goes to return node.

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