[Left Mouse Button]:Consume input [x]

Can the [Left Mouse Button]: “Consume input [x]” option (accessible from the details panel) somehow be accessed and set directly from within a blueprint graph?

It works perfectly for my needs, but I want to toggle the consume input in situations where it prevents interaction with scene objects.

If no one knows then:

FEATURE REQUEST: Get/Set ‘consume input’ for a mouse event.

Hi ash22,

It sounds like you are looking for a way to disable input at specific times through blueprints. If so, you can do this with the Disable Input and Enable Input nodes.

If I misunderstood what you are asking, please post back with more info.



Hi TJ,

You are correct, however, the Disable.Input and Enable.Input nodes don’t make a difference.

The LMB.consume_input=true has the exact desired result I want as it prevented scene objects from being clicked whilst allowing the initial hitbox click to be detected. The problem is — it can only be set manually from the details panel.