Left CMD is Ctrl

I added ‘Left CMD’ as an input to functionality in my game (right click in blueprint, Left CMD). On my mac it doesn’t seem to work though. The action triggers when I press Left Ctrl instead of the Left CMD key. Can anybody try and reproduce this to see if it’s just me?

I don’t believe it’s ‘Left CMD’. From what I could find it should be “Left Command”, but you might be able to find out more useful information here:

  • LeftShift
  • RightShift
  • LeftControl
  • RightControl
  • LeftAlt
  • RightAlt
  • LeftCommand
  • RightCommand

Are some of the things I took note of while I was there. Terribly sorry if this doesn’t help.

I don’t know why that would activate Left Control instead. I don’t have a macintosh so unfortunately I’m unable to help out any further than this.

Hey discobonzi,

It looks like the Cmd and Ctrl keys are swapped for Input nodes on the Mac. I have reproduced this issue and entered bug report UE-4988 for our developers to look at. I believe the intention is to give the Cmd key and the Ctrl key the same input. For now, you’ll need to swap the nodes: use the Ctrl key for Cmd input, and vice versa. Hope that helps. Thanks for the report!