Left Clicking With Gamepad

I have a menu I created through UMG, and I am controlling the cursor with the Xbox controller.

However, I can’t actually click any of the buttons with the controller when I have the cursor hovering over them, meaning I have to left click with the mouse button instead.

Is there anyway of mapping left lick to the controller or something like that so I can use the gamepad to interact with the buttons by pressing the A button for example, or how should that be done in UMG or in general?

I am trying to figure this one out too. Let me know if you find out

you can make clicking or enter into an input action and then in the project settings change enter/click to the button you want it to be.

That is not going to work because what we are trying to fire of is the onclicked event in UMG that only responds to mouse click or touch input by default

Hi, thanks for the answer, however the Rama plugin doesn’t solve my problem either as it only compiles on wim64/32 I need a system that works on both pc and consol

You could use the node “Listen for input action” inside a widget.

OR use this awesome free plugin by Rama. Code was created by Nick Darnell of Epic games, the guy behind most of umg and slate, so you know it’s the real deal. Its extremely easy to use, it comes with a simple project to show how to set it up. Its just a couple of nodes and some project settings.


This is the same code Paragon used and that worked on both pc and consol. Your only option then is to use the node i mentioned or setup your own system that passes on button pressed to the widget that you will have to handle yourself. Widgets have a few functions to override that could help with a setup like that. Your going to have to manually set and un set focus on the button as well.

So what I have now is a system that sets a int value on button hover, as I have linked mouse movement to left joystick. The issue I am left with is that I am not able to change value on sliders inside my settings menu with this system.

I will try this plugin, but my worrie is that I need it to compile for Nintendo Switch

Oh, well im not 100% sure if it will work with nintendo switch, i do not see why it wouldn’t, but you should test it first in an empty project and see if it works with the switch. Because this would solve all your issues as it already handles buttons/sliders/etc…

Thanks for the help. This plugin works like a charm on PC, will update this post once I have had the time to test on Switch

I downloaded the plugin, but couldn’t find anything that can give me control over changing which button on the gamepad clicks a focused button??

The easiest for me is in the player controler / Mouse Interface / Click Event Keys /Add array element / GamepadFaceButtonBottmom :wink:

That didn’t work for me at all.

Le plus simple pour moi est dans le contrôleur du lecteur/Interface de la souris/Cliquez sur les touches d’événement/Ajouter un élément de tableau/GamepadFaceButtonBottmom:clin d’œil: