ledge grabbing + attach actor to ...

im just doing a BP for ledge grabbing. in UDK i did this by setting the pawns phys to phys_flying and then attached it to the ledge

whats the best process in ue4/blueprints ?

Ive got Attach Actor To Actor but it doesnt behave how id expect, Keep Rel Offset, makes my pawn appear somewhere else, ‘keep world pos’ didnt seem to do anything.
i think switched Target and Parent Actor. so Target was the ledge actor, and Parent Actor was self, now ‘keep world pos’ does attach pawn to the ledge correctly, but he still falls and the ledge - now attached to pawn falls down with him.

again, im not sure the best process/approach for this, and looking for any help on it

i think the best behaviour would be : attach pawn to ledge, set pawn to flying (but i dont know how you change the characters physics mind lol)

I think you will find this threas very useful

he doesnt attach the pawn to the mesh…?