Ledge failing problem

Hello, could someone explain to me, how to create such blueprint logic? i am having the exact same problem, but its not really explained good enough for me, as i am still a beginer in Unreal Engine.

You may need to tweak the launch parameters to your liking.
Hover time is also promoted to a variable (set to 5 seconds for exaggeration purposes)

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Could you tell me what am i supposed to do with the files? I am not exactly sure :frowning:

It’s an example project with the 3rd person project implementing what you need (hover state with fall timer and jump).

oh ok, thank you very much

i opened the project and there is no character blueprint, just thirdpersongamemode bp

You can see it has BP_ThirdPersonCharacter.uasset in the package.

yes, but i get this error after opening project

I unpacked mine from github and all works , so the upload went ok.
Which version are you on? 5.2 or older?

If older right click the uproject file (with the blue u icon)
and switch to an older version and then try running the project.

5.1, do i need 5.2 for this project?

Tried to open with 5.1 and still same error

Should i try to upgrade to 5.2?

Seems 5.1 downgrade breaks the character. I’ll see if I can port the code with a copy and paste between versions.

thanks for helping me man, wish you all the best, u re amazing :slight_smile:

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Hey, sorry for being annoying, but i have a little problem, and i dont know if i am doing something wrong with the settings, or it’s not working properly. You can see what i am talking about at 0:58 and 1:22

Seems like the event timer to reset the character’s gravity multiplier didn’t trigger for some reason.

It could have been due to the very low time set. The timer had it’s start variation set to 0.2 try zeroing it out and see if it fixes the problem

The time of the timer cannot be smaller than its delay variance. (otherwise you get an orange warning in the output log that the timer may fail)

Though 0,1 seconds is a very small window to even use the ledge hover function.

i tried diffrent values but nothing helps :frowning: I dont know why, because it looks like everything is working perfect, but there are certain spots where character starts floating instead of falling and its totally random

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