Ledge Climbing System released

Hi everyone.

I completed a tutorial series covering wall running, grabbing ledges and climbing ledges.
The tutorial series can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/c/crocopedes

My website contains the placeholders used during the tutorial.
I also released 4 animations that is compatible with the UE4 4.8 mannequin

And then last but not least i made the finished project available from my website for download.

The WIP thread can be seen here

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awesome good work !!!
I am going to contact you soon :wink:

Would just like to add … awesome work and thanks for this. I also recommend Crocopede for any freelance work you may have … his prices are good and he delivers high quality work. Crocoped is my preferred provider for art … good job again. 8-}

Really cool !
I was planning to make the same thing , if i have some time , will add movement to it


You’re an awesome dude Crocopede!

You have truly gone beyond the call of duty on this tutorial series thank you very much

Thanks dude :slight_smile: i hope make more sample movement…

Good work!! I love how this community makes so many amazing things and give away all of their knowledge (and assets) for free.

Hi everyone.

Updated my website to include the download for the wall sliding placeholder animation and also the final project files.

WOW thanks, to good. I started watching you vids already, thanks

Crocopede, thank you for your contribution! /subscribed and don’t ever stop making ue4 tutorials

Very good job thank you for your tutorial !

Just fyi to crocopede, Chrome is putting up a warning when I try to go to your site. It says going there will make my passwords vulnerable from lack of security. Something to check into. Maybe it’s to do with the host you’re using.

The site’s security certificate expired late last month. That’s why it’s doing that.

good to know it’s safe then, but still something to address in case it scares off other people

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It just needs to be renewed and it’ll go away.

Awesome, i’ll definitely check this tutorial out. Thanks for putting it together Crocopede.

Ikr these people are amazing!!!

It won’t work in my project in 4.12 because the skeleton I have in my project is just a couple of flimsy arms holding up a gun. The skeletons must be the same for Unreal to recognize the
Animations. Otherwise they will not show in anim browser even if they show up in content browser. Unreal will NOT SHOW THE anim placeholder files in the asset browser for the anim blueprint if the two skeletons are different…

So the only way I might beable to get it to work is to start a new third person project and copy the project to 4.8.2 with '‘Show Explorer Window’ option. once its recognized it, this will cause blueprint node errors to all pop up everywhere because the engine is not backward compatiable then I have to delete all the blueprints and redo them all over again. but at least both skeletons will be the same even if all the blueprints get stuffed…

But if I get it working in 4.8.2, then there’s no guarantee that it will successfully load the project into 4.12 if I migrate it from 4.8, because when I tried to migrate up to 4.12 it just crashed the engine when loading the project when compiling the shaders.

So the engine is not backwards compatiable which is why you get the blueprint node errors and the skeletons must be the same.

But in a third person game sometimes you have an option to toggle the H key to switch in and out of First or Third Camera Views. Switch out of two skeletons. Surely blueprints can manage to do that without crashing the engine.

I need a blueprint that can keep the close up camera view when I hit H as well as hit h key again to switch the blueprints to have the normal behind third person view.

Any chance to re-upload the Crocopede placeholder anims? The website linked seems to have been hijacked by spammy bois. I’d like to follow the tutorials on the YouTube, but I don’t have the animations used.