Ledge Climbing Platform Adventure Game

Just wanted to show off a ledge climbing system i have been working on for my game. Please excuse the bad placeholder animations. The camera system also needs a bit of work still.

Things you can do:

  • Grab onto ledges
  • Climb up from ledges
  • Can not jump or climb up with no wall support
  • Leap faster along the ledge if there is wall support
  • Change the 2D playing plane if you want to climb up into the background or drop down forward into the forground planes
  • Turn corners
  • Reach left/right/up/down
  • Drop down from ledges

Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions or improvements welcome.

Thanks and enjoy!

That’s pretty awesome! I was trying out something like this a while back. The only thing I noticed was the transition of some of the animations didn’t feel natural.

Thanks for the encouragement. The animations are all just temp, most are just single poses blended back and forth. I was focusing only on functionality, the animations can be replaced later at any point.

Did you get very far with your own system?

Looks cool, man, good job! Are you thinking of sharing this one at a later point??

Thanks Arvemor, I might share if there is enough interest in it. It needs a bit more work first, especially on the cameras. I would also like to add more features, like wall climbing, swinging/grapple, advance ledge climbing stuff like ledge > jump > swing (branch) > ledge, wall runs, etc . I’ll post updates as I go.

I wouldn’t mind a tutorial on how you did this :smiley: In-fact it’d be incredibly helpful :smiley:

This is pretty awesome! I’d love to learn how you are doing it.

I’m glad you guys like it. I don’t want sound like I’m brushing anyone off but the reality is I am super busy at the moment working a lot of overtime on another project so unfortunately a tutorial is not an option right at this moment.

However, if you have any specific questions I will be happy to do my best to help answer them. I mainly posted it to see if there was any interest in a game with these mechanics being developed.

This particular system was achieved with traces and different player states. I would probably do a few things differently if I were to re-design it but as a prototype this works fine.