ledge climb and macro condition

hi guys i followed the crocopede tutorial and i got a problem at 6.38 it creates a condition that does not work for me I wanted to know if on the 4.18 it was necessary to do something else I have the impression that it does not detect the socket

on the first image it works and on the second not work

what is the purpose of this macro?

sorry for my bad english

Try to switch in the “Sequence” the “Then 0” with “Then 1” to stop the character from teleporting to the center of the map. Like this
The “CanDoTraceChecks” it’s just to make the character stop wall running when it hits the ceiling. You will see it in the other tutorial from crocopede.

my problem i reverse normal wall noraml and wall trace impact in the macro wall go to but my player
do not want to jump anymore

I think that of edge interfére with my code

I embarked on a survival game ^^ and it’s my function “can jump” that does not work badly