[LEBANON] FPS Workshop


With the collaboration of the Arab Arcade, I will be giving a workshop on how to make an FPS Game from start to finish in just 4 sessions.


If you are learning Unreal, live in Lebanon, and want to learn how to build a game like call of duty or counter strike, you should come to my workshop. And btw the picture is a screenshot from the game!

The first session is free, while the remainder will be 10$ each. Each session will take around 2 hours.

First session is on April 11th on 18:30 til 20:30
Location: Berytech Digital Park, Beirut Digital District, Bechara El Khoury St., Beyrouth, Lebanon

You can sign up by filling the google form
You can also check the Facebook Event Page

In this workshop I will be covering the following topics:


  • I will be using Unreal Engine 4.15, and it is recommended that participants in this workshop have this version installed. Though older version MIGHT work. Please install the engine before the first workshop.
  • Having some familiarities with UE4’s Blueprint or coding in general is an advantage but not a requirement.
    You will be handed some project files during the first session that you can use to complete your game.
    Each session will begin with a little theory, the theory is then followed by a live demonstration, then later the class will work together to build simple example.
    By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to build a fully playable FPS.
    The presentation will also link to tutorials and articles you can read if you want to develop the game even further.

Session 1: Designing the Game
In the first session, we will focus on creating a very simple playable FPS. It will include a quick intro to Blueprint, and user interface, and other engine’s tools by implementing the following:

  • Create a Health System
  • Add Simple Interface
  • Design the Level
  • Add a Score Board
  • Make Character Sprint

Session 2: Implementing the Weapons
In this session, we will implement different types of weapons, and go over the different behavior of each bullet type by building the following:

  • Make Gun
  • Switching between Weapons
  • Reload System
  • Make Shot Gun
  • Make a Semi Machine Gun
  • Make a Grenade Launcher
  • Melee Weapon

Session 3: Creating Proper Characters
In this session, we will be replacing the default character with a character that fits the theme of our game. We will also go over how to logically switch animations to match the character’s behavior.

  • Becoming familiar with animation blueprints
  • Adding ragdoll simulation

Session 4: Creating a basic AI
Create an AI that will patrol the map, until he detects the player then engages with him via multiple tactics. We will implement the following tasks:

  • Patrol
  • Follow Player
  • Attack Player
  • Pick Weapon
  • Take Cover
  • Wait

P.S.: If you live in Lebanon and you would like to connect with the local gamedev community, hit me up on Twitter @JosephRAzzam](, and I would be more than happy to put you in touch.

look a beutreuflii

Any chance you’re going to be filming the workshop? Would love to see it myself but I live in Canada.

Is There Gonna Be Vids Or Something Like That ?, We Dont All Live in Lebanon :smiley:

Hey, love the idea but i’m not sure many people would fly out just to see this in person, will their be any videos covering this topic and project, of course they will be paid videos, but still. not everyone lives in Lebanon :smiley:

Great Idea - please do a stream or recording aswell, for those who can’t participate. I’d love to see a video.

Hey, thank you all for your interest in the workshop.
I will try my best to record the workshop and post it on YouTube once the workshop has ended.
I’ll keep you updated on this thread :slight_smile:

I as well would love to see this, but living in Canada and being a poor Student makes it hard to goto this workshop. I hope you can do a quality recording! If you do, thanks in advanced.

Could you link the channel you would be uploading the workshop onto? Thanks in advance

Looks cool man.

Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the youtube version.

That would be amazing if this gets to you tube; its just what im looking for.

Sounds like a great tutorial series you’ve got planned here, I am especially interested to see the AI implementation. Add me to the list of people asking for an upload! Would definitely pay if you did, thanks for helping out the community! : )

I’d love to see this on youtube!

Please record this somehow. I’d still even pay for the $10 if I have to but I’d really like to see how other people are going about building shooters

[UPDATE] I tried recording the workshop, but the result is unusable, though I am working on making a tutorial series, it will take a little to prepare so bare with me. Also the workshop is still on going, so it will take some time

When are you going to release this please we need it

Hey preparing a decent tutorial series take time, I’m hoping to start releasing pieces of it as I finish them, hopefully in a couple of weeks

Hooray :smiley:

An Update XD

Hey, I’m so sorry for the late update, here’s the thing, I tried recording the tutorial but the sound quality of the mic I have is terrible, so I ordered one online, and due to some shipping restrictions it will take a while for it to arrive.
So here’s what I suggest, I have uploaded the project on Github, where you are free to download, dissect and modify.
If there is anything that is unclear, or a feature that you want and that is not implemented, please ask me about it here on the forum, and I will do my best to implement it.
That way by the time the microphone arrives, I would have a little more of an ideas of what you want to see in the tutorial.
I hope that sounds good.

You can get the project from here.