Leaving a Conduit node

Hello there, I was experimenting creating a Conduit node for choosing different types of attack animations, but I’m having a problem with that because I’m not being able to return to the idle state, which is connected to the Attack Conduit when the IsAttacking equals false.

Am I missing something or it is just impossible to go back from a Conduit node?

The problem is the conduit is also checking its condition on its way to the idle, so its checking false and blocks itself from transitioning. I’m having the same problem and only answers I found that work are.
Create another conduit that has the opposite logic to move back stream to the idle.
Or make a new bool variable that is always set true and use it on the conduits that can flow into every connection at any time.
Checking the box that says can enter transition doesn’t work, it needs to be a variable, just in case you try to force it to just be true there.