Leave reality behind - Unreal Engine Challenge #FuriousEleganceContest

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Title: Leave reality behind

Video URL: https://youtu.be/CbTNLKEKKsc

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

Epic Marketplace:

  • City Subway Train Modular
  • Scanned 3D People Pack
  • Tropical Island Environment
  • Cyberpunk Ambient Music
  • Nature Sounds
  • European Train & Tram Sounds

Megascans 3D assets:

  • Beach_Boulder_wc0medv
  • Thai_Beach_Corals_Pack_uf3kbggfa
  • Thai_Beach_Rock_uftjejiga
  • Thai_Beach_Rocks_udzofaefa
  • Thai_Beach_Rocks_udzofhifa
  • Thai_Beach_Rocks_udzpdfxfa
  • Thai_Beach_Rocks_udzqaaffa
  • Thai_Beach_Rocks_ueopcguga

Megascans Plants:

  • Cat_Palm_tjejafeia
  • Kikuyu_Grass_wiljearqx
  • Tropical_Palm_rkqjj

Megascans Surfaces:

  • Beach_Sand_xdheagk

The main charater made and animated with:

  • Metahuman Creator
  • Metahuman Animator
  • Live Link Face App

Screenshot of project in-editor:


The main idea behind the short film “Leave Reality Behind” is anxiety, a feeling of confinement, and loneliness. The protagonist is given a chance to “step out” and escape from reality for a little while, where he can find tranquility and peace. He can leave his troubles and the world’s problems behind. However, this is not a permanent state; he always has to return to the full reality.

I focused on conveying emotions, so the main emphasis was on facial animation, alongside body movement.

Thank you for watching. I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Unreal Engine 5.2

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