Leasing Graphics Cards

Maybe I’m late but I didn’t know this was possible. This could be an option for some developers out there.

Nice find. I didn’t know about that either.

It’s ridiculously expensive. $45 a month to rent a GTX970? In all of these cases, you could have bought the card outright within 6 months or less.

I would have said the same thing ambershee but they at least you can buy the card at the end of your lease for an extra months payment.
Still not something I’d be into but some people seem to like that kind of thing (rent to own).

Absolutely, but if you are in dire need of a graphics card after yours broke and can’t afford a new one at the moment, you don’t have a lot of other choices. It’s probably more aimed at people in that kind situation, rather than people that can afford to just buy one.

That’s better than just throwing money into the wind, but you do end up paying for the card twice over in the year that you lease it. You could just save the money for five months instead and buy it outright; it’s not like you’re leasing to buy a car or a house where you could never afford to do it up front because it would take years of investment. The idea of leasing to me would only appeal if I were consistently getting the ‘latest and greatest’, and it worked out cheaper than just buying a new card every year, but this doesn’t - so it’s really not practical (let’s be honest, who buys a new card every year?)

Possibly, but you do get locked into a 12 month minimum contract. If you can’t afford the card outright, chances are the contract isn’t a good choice for you either :confused:

Yeah, especially dangerous when you’re in desperate need for a new GPU and don’t have any other options. While they seem to be honest about everything, I do get a feeling that it’s somewhat shady since pretty much their only customer base consist of people that are in a bit of a desperate situation.

To be honest I agree with you 100%.
Though I only looked at the Titan X price which isn’t double.

Also in some countries this is similar or cheaper than buying from a local store.

  • Australia
    Titan X $1600 AUD = $1218 USD

  • New Zealand
    Titan X $2000 NZD = $1500 USD (Funny how AUD is = in worth to NZD and it’s another $400 there)

Rent to own Titan X from that site = $1469 USD.

I could only compare the Asus 980 in VN as they don’t sell Titans here, but it works out to be around $100 USD more to lease/buy.

But really you’d just order it off newegg/amazon etc.

I looked at the GTX970 and the R9770 as common mid-tier cards, the the cost was around double to lease for one year compared to the prices listed on Amazon. The more expensive cards work out a bit better (also because the upfront costs are more extreme), but you’re still quite out of pocket. The Titan X is $999 on Amazon - leasing to buy costs $113 per month meaning it’s $1469; you’re still paying 150% of the retail price, which in most cases will drop over the course of one year (though arguably not so likely for the Titan X).

The regional comparison is moot, because this leasing site is for the US, ergo, you compare with US prices.

Ahh I wasn’t aware that it was US only, though it doesn’t surprise me.

Some good points here. I don’t see myself using this since I have a decent graphics card so I could wait and save up the money for a new card when needed.

However, I could see this appealing to me when I made my first PC build. I remember going back forth on what type of processor can I get with a decent graphics card that has enough power and memory. I found myself compensating on other parts when pricing out everything on my first build because I wanted to get the best parts on items I could not swap out easily.

I think if they could bring the pricing down a bit it may make it more appealing.

You guys think cutting edge gamer is a legit site? They require a copy of your drivers license which seems shady. I really want to get a titan X from them since its only 200 more than normal price and I would be able to get it now, instead of saving up for like 6 months. My current gpu is having problems so I really need a service like this.

Also the 980 ti will be coming out in 1 or 2 months. So with cutting edge I would be able to upgrade to that and send the titan X back. I really really need a card right now and I dont want to just purchase a 980 from a normal site when the TI will be coming out. (But some others say the Ti might be more than a few months)

Anyone here think cutting edge is legit?

Legit or not I don’t blame them for wanting some legit proof of who you are.

Is it possible for you to get a loan/have a friend who would use their credit card to get the extra you need for a Titan?
It shouldn’t be hard to get a small loan and it probably won’t cost any/much more in the end.

I’m pretty sure that while they may offer the mid range graphics cards, this service would be more beneficial with the extreme high end of cards, such as the Titan or Quadro cards.

Edit: I checked their site, and they don’t offer Quadro cards… they should imo. The prices do seem quite high to me tbh, though I could see this as being a stop-gap measure if your old card goes out, but the new cards are being released in a month or 2. Then maybe…


I am an employee at Cutting Edge Gamer, and I just thought I’d point some things out that seem to be missing in this discussion. First, leasing a graphics card through us is admittedly more expensive than buying outright from a retailer. However, we believe the expense is justified by the value we add through our RMA service, our Infinite Upgrades Program, our Buy Out program, and our customer service. To begin, we offer free ground shipping in every direction. Our RMA service allows you to contact us with an issue, and if we cannot solve the issue with the card, then we will send you a replacement - or loaner - card while yours is shipped to the manufacturer for repair. This minimizes your time without a card. Our Infinite Upgrades Program allows you to stay up to date with the latest and greatest card, and change to a different card that we offer at any time. Your original lease is cancelled, a new 12-month lease begins, and the only difference you notice is the change in monthly price (assuming there is one). You are allowed to move up in cards (more expensive), down (cheaper), or sideways (different card, same price). This saves you the hassle of selling your old card and spending hundreds up front for a new one. If you do not wish to Upgrade, but instead would like to run the full course of the lease, then the default option is to pay 12 months and send the card back - a typical lease. However, a more obvious choice is to participate in our Buy Out program. This allows you to pay a single, 13th payment that transfers ownership of the card to you. This 13th payment is the same amount as the other payments, so this is a given for people who do not wish to Upgrade. We do require a photo or scan of a government-issued ID, simply to prevent identity theft, which harms the consumer and us as a merchant. If you have any questions, feel free to email

In my opinion this makes absolutly no sense, sorry. You can get a much more cheaper funding from almost every bank or let’s say your house bank.
Also almost every shop, real shop or online shop is offering some kind of funding even at 0% interest.
I can go to Mediamarkt in Germany and fund a card at 0% interest, 12 Month payment model, and this is even possible for companys.
So at least i see 0 benefits from leasing a card at

Perhaps i buy a EVGA GeForce GTX 960 FTW ACX 2.0+ next days, but when i look at the prices, i would never use .
This makes really no sense for me too.
After a year, when you pay a 13th payment to get your card, you are hard overpaying.
If you do not pay it and start leasing a fresh one then you have nothing in your hands, aside a fresh card, which is expensive again.

When you sell your card you can get up to 50%, with that and the money you are not overpaying with leasing you sure could get a fresh one.
When you calculate the difference over 5 Years, it is massive money…

Yeah, the better route (other than upfront purchase) is to clearly buy a card with a delayed payment scheme, usually one with 0% interest in the first year, then if you want to upgrade, sell the current one and do it again. The leasing prices are just too high.