Learning Unreal Script

Hey Guys.
I’m new in the form.
But I learned level designing and C++.
I want to learn Unreal Script.
What should I do?


Unreal script isn’t supported by Unreal Engine 4.0… C++ is used instead.

I am using UDK 2013-02 not unreal engine 4.

These forums are for Unreal Engine 4 exclusively. You can find the UDK forums over here:

OH sorry.
what does unreal engine cost?

19$ per month :slight_smile: So when you have the money I would recommend you to use it, because your C++ experience will help you a lot and the UE4 is much easier to use.


Actully blueprint replaced unrealscript

Actually Blueprints replaced Kismet and C++ replaced Unrealscript :slight_smile:

Blueprints replace Kismet+Unreal Script… And C++ is C++

C++ was always been in engine, simply sdk was not accessable for mortals