Learning unreal engine 4 in sequence

hello epic people
just learnt geometry in unreal engine i have started learning blueprint (really having tough time) but wait should i start learning creating material stuff in ue4, no props i guess wait wait i think for material i need texture…omg i am confuse,help me guys by just telling me the sequence of learning unreal engine step by step i know there are tons of videos,tutorial but how would i know what video should i watch first?
i will be very thankful

see ya epic

There should be a getting started playlist on the unreal engine youtube channel.

There’s no right or perfect answer here…
But based on what your wrote, learn Level-Design.
Arrange meshes, create materials / landscapes.
Postpone programming / learning BP until later…

getting started playlist is kinda small and i have already gone through those videos …whats next
can any one team up with me to make sequence and collect videos/tutorials from internet, but for this i need some one with good knowledge of ue4

what’s wrong with just learning from these?