Learning unreal 5 - Live code behaviour query with Vis Studio 2022 and Unreal 5.03

I’ve just started learning Unreal 5 (v5.03) (no prior experience with it, but have some experience with C++)

On a course I’m doing, they are explaining how to add UProperty to the header file of a C++ actor class to show a variable in the Unreal Editor.
Once the code has been added (and saved) I switch back to the unreal editor and do a live code compile (which succeeds) then I can see the variable in the Details panel - happy days

However if I close the unreal project and reopen it, none of the variables are listed, it’s as if the loaded project has reverted to a state before I clicked the Live code button.
However, if I click the Live code button again, the variables will reappear?
It seems the Live code is acting like a temporary solution to allow me to see the changes but without committing them to the project as permanent change, is this correct?

So far the only way I have been able to commit the changes permanently is to recompiled the class from the VS 2022 IDE and then reopen the unreal editor then the changes are there, but if that is how it is to work what is the point of live code option?

I would like to add on to this post that this is still an issue with Unreal 5.1.1, if someone has found a work around excluding the one below as that does not work for myself please do share.

the potential fix.
"After making changes in VSC you must:

  1. Run Build Task
  2. Save
  3. Compile in Unreal with Live Code

After you are done working in Unreal and have saved and quit, you must run Build Task again in VSC in order for changes made in Unreal to save the next time you open it."