Learning UE4

Dear Community,

This is my first time i ever post something in Forums at all, which really is very cool what you guys are posting and answering, thank you for the valuable information, Questions and Intel you guys share.

I have some Questions i need to answer and im lost, Like totally… please help me, ill make this short and direct.

1- I want to learn UE4 to become a game Designer, First: is that correct? UE4 will make me a game Designer (Map Designer, Game Developer) ?
2- Should i learn in the learn section only, or is there any other places to go where i can learn some advanced stuff? Free is better, but if there is money i can pay, but no too much :smiley:
3- Should i learn C++ / C / Java or All? and Why? And what is Blue Print?
4- How much time should i invest a Day to learn and be a Good UE4 Designer Developer, Giving the fact that i am 30 Years old, with a Full time Graphic Designer in an Adverting agency? I can a Brutal Answer :slight_smile:

5- Im looking for Guidance, can you guys please help me… ??

Thanks :smiley:

There is a lot more to being a Game Designer than being able to utilize a game engine. UE4 will give you the tools to develop a game, but it’s the experience than comes with making games and studying gameplay that make you a game designer. To get started with UE4, I recommend these tutorials from the official YouTube channel. You can develop games with almost any language. UE4 uses C++ for it’s code, but you can use Blueprints as virtual scripting to create the game logic. I would recommend starting off with an easier language such as Python. Invest how ever much time you want.

  1. Just learn what you need to finish your first project. Start with a small scope, like just replacing the art in the Tappy Chicken demo, then incrementally move to making your own game. Depending on your goals is what it is you want to become. You can’t make a large game by yourself so you’d need to specialize. If your a Graphic Designer maybe focus on leveraging that and working on UI design.
  2. Google, but it will often point you back to unrealengine forums
  3. Just have someone else program. Seriously, if you have the design idea, and can communicate it well just pay other people to do the parts you can’t. You can’t do everything anyway.
  4. Depends, you could skip the learning and just start making a game and spend your time developing. Learning would be a side effect.
  5. Yes