Learning UE4, My saved project has all my work invisible

Learning UE4 and have been following a tutorial online. I created a little room with Box brushes and saved it the night before, I opened it up now and I see this.


I can select all my shapes and it shows the outline, but I cannot actually see the textures/materials. When I tried adding like a box or a cone, they are also invisible

What happens when you add a directional or a skylight? :slight_smile:

Oh wow that should have been obvious thank you.

Any explanations why it is like that though? When I made a new level and started creating shapes I could easily see everything inside and outside, now I have to put point lights around stuff to work with it


Have you started your map with the default or the blank map? In the blank map you have to add lights to see the geometry (but normally you should be abel to see it without lights -> just when you “play” the level everything will be dark. So you might have changed some settings)

Btw, just add a skylight, then you have a light which will cover the entire environment :slight_smile:

It is in a blank map which you are correct, I was able to see everything without lights, might have been some random settings which I’ll try to be more mindful of next time. Thanks a bunch, I’ll be looking through your English tutorials in the future :slight_smile:

Hah, I can remember that architecture. It was a tutorial from DT! Awh

When you start placing meshes and objects in pitch black environment firstly, they’re showing. But if you change the light to lit and then unlit, it’s reset.

You can work on “unlit” in the beginning. (the top of the preview windows at left corner where it says “Lit”) I’m so happy to see so many new people actually joining Unreal after the $19 barrier is down.

Thank you, that was it! I know that these small minor things will take time to get used to.

PS: Do you have any other suggestions for tutorials to use online? My first project is going to be a (hopefully) not too complicated escape the room game where I can learn more about blueprinting and triggers.

What kind of tutorials are you exactly looking for (level design, blueprints,…)? :slight_smile:

Make sure to check those links:

I really like seeing sample games created from start to finish as a way of getting my feet wet, clicking through the wiki this will probably be my next go-to A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Some of my favorites at the time from Unity were these

Edit: Where I can worry more about making the games rather than worrying about the preparation work (finding or creating objects and meshes)

Fighter has a right, Reading the documentation is a great way to get all the basics, but it can get really boring, because you can’t absorb so much information at once. As you said it… it takes time! The best thing I can suggest is to play around and not getting into the deep, try everything simple first.

I see you want to focus inside blueprints, which is great! But if you’re going to be the level designer in your project (the person who works with content and placing it inside the engine in a proper manner) then you’ll have to learn most of the basics in a lot of fields.

The Engine is really vast, and you can get lost even full of curiosity. In first sight it looks intuitive and easy to learn, but after you get advanced the only limit is your imagination and techniques.

If your first project will be something as you described, then you can focus only on blueprints entirely, mechanics can be tested without actual environment. Your whole scene settlement can be made from BSP, so it’s not needed to import even a single texture or obj/fbx.

In DT there’s 2 or 3 tutorials about blueprints, you can watch them/practice them 1-2 times and you’ll be ready to go. You would even be able to do more advances things.