Learning UE4 - Game Project


Ive been playing around in UE4 for a little while now and i think its time to start a WIP thread for a project I’m working on.
The project isn’t anything too serious, i don’t plan on making anything too flashy with tons of mechanics just something for me to work on while learning the engine and have fun :slight_smile:

I plan to make an endless runner type game, but without the endless bit…i don’t know what that makes it :smiley:
So something really simple with set levels…something hopefully i can finish up as a complete game.

Here is a little GIF of the player movement.
(Movement is still a little clunky but hope to fix that)

WIP of the Bike model…probably will change as im starting dislike it, or it just needs some love.
And some HUD and Menu mocks ups, I’m implementing these right now.

Very cool, and I like your menu style as well. Keep it up. Awesome stuff

Niiiice - watching the gif, it seems like you’re already off to a good start. Throw a video up when you get some recorded, wanna see more :slight_smile:

Is the UI UMG?

Do you mind giving a breakdown of it? I am working on something with pretty much the same style at the moment and haven’t started with the UI, yet. Would be great to see how you implemented it :slight_smile:

Noo, I’m doing it all in BP. I literally finished most of the functionality for the menu’s with showing save data score and times when UMG got released so it would have been a lot of time to throw away. Not sure if i should have gone down the UMG route though…I’m pretty happy with my menu so im not too fussed.

I could show how Ive done it in BP though if you like :slight_smile:

Got the Main menu and the boost meter thing shown on the HUD working (Still WIP)

Menu GIF is a bit shoddy, had to shrink it down

I like the UI. Looks like a good idea for a game. Interested to seeing how this progresses

Cool UI. I’d like to see the UI and bike in action :smiley:

interesting. somewhere i read about issues with vehicles having less then 2 wheels.
did u have any problem with your 2 wheel bike ?
any trick?

Great start to your project Muzaheed! I really like the UI setup that you Are currently showing. Be sure to keep us updated as your progress along in the development of your project! Have a great day!

Beaulamb, hi!

Great start, congrats.
UI looks cool. Could you post a small tut on how you did it using Blueprints?

Love the look and feel of the gameplay / level design. I’ll buy it! :wink:

Updates!!! I need updates! :slight_smile:

This is fantastic!

Hi Guys! Ive been busy with work and stuff the past week so not been able to do much, but Ive started planning out some level stuff.
I’m currently replacing the BSP with mesh blockouts which is a little tricky as I’m using modular pieces to build the level so at the moment I’m just working out what pieces i need before i can go in start making it look pretty.

Heres a quick screengrab of some modular pieces im blocking out…sorry its not very interesting but hope to post some good progress soon :slight_smile:

Cheers! sure ill hopefully post something soon when i get a little more progress on the levels :slight_smile:

I have also read this. The situation for me was a little different for me because i don’t need the bike to stop and standstill Ive simply created my character using a 3rd person character BP and tweaked the movement and replaced the mesh etc…

Thanks! sure ill try post something soon. but for now this will be helpful as its pretty much the way Ive done it but Ive just visually added a ton more

Ha! awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome looking great man!

Cheers QBert! :slight_smile:

Another small update…still slugging away at getting modular mesh pieces built for the levels its taking some time but slowly getting there!
Here is a small update of the level (still block out meshes)

And to give myself a break from level building i added in some speed lines around the bike when your going fast :slight_smile:

And a little gif of this working.

Still needs some tweaking but was a fun thing to add :smiley:

How’d you go about making the speed lines? :slight_smile: