Learning UE4 by building smaller games, also building a portfolio

I’m looking for a smaller group of people (4-8) Who are of like mind to myself.

What we’ll be doing:

  • Learning how to use the UE4 engine
  • Creating several small games focusing on different aspects of game design
  • Learning the general workflow beginning to end of game development, from brainstorming the premise to releasing
  • Building a network of fellow developers
  • Having fun

What will be expected of you:

  • At least a bit of time
  • At least a bit of devotion
  • The ability to work in a team setting
  • A desire to make games
  • Attendance on a weekly catch-up meeting. (We’ll most likely be using discord, or google hangouts)

What would be nice, but is NOT required:

  • Artistic ability
  • Creative game ideas
  • A good personality
  • Experience

We’ve got a discord server now! Come join us! Server Id: ueTMN5z

Im interested in something like this. Where do I sign up?

Alto interested. Is there any room left?

There are still a few slots, send me a pm on discord, and we’ll get you squared away

Hi, sent you an email last week. Just checking if you are still open for a dev?

We’re always welcoming of new members! Head over here, make sure to pm me and we’ll get you squared away! UE42Learn
Sorry for the late response, my email forwarding was not set up correctly

@QueenOfMischief Hi, is this still active and open? Would be great to have some people to learn some stuff with and from!

Hi there @glibber73. What are you trying to learn specifically? There are plenty of youtube tuts and UE4 vids and docs to learn from. For specific problems, one can ask questions on the unreal forums, answerhub, unrealslacker discord,reddit.

If you’re seeking a mentor in blueprints? I can found here and here. I’m developing an Action Packed Futuristic Coop FTPS single-handedly. I’ve spent 3 years mastering UE4 Blueprints and I’m using these skills with modular marketplace content, advanced procedural/generative content and in-game collaborative construction system to achieve my goals.

Game development is very challenging and demanding. UE4 is extremely powerful. It can be overwhelming when getting started. Thus, I understand the need for some guidance and emotional support when jumping into UE4.

Hey @TechLord, thank you a lot for your offer and the links. I’m aware it’s a long learning process, and I’m far away from being able to contribute to a commercial project.

I must also admit that my interest is probably rather of private than professional nature. I have been working with 3D-modeling and programming in different contexts and I’ve been interested in the approach of game development for quite a while now.

I have mainly been doing lots of tutorials, example levels etc. So far I’m still experimenting with all kinds of features and I’d say I’m still at a point where I’m trying to find my preferred field there.

On the topic of this thread:
I’ve seen several people on the forums referring to such learning groups, and there are also a few threads about it, most prominently this one probably, which seems to be inactive for 5 years now though.
I liked the idea of beginners getting together to explore features of the engine together a lot. It seems like a good and fun way to learn basics and get through potential (or rather likely) failures.
Sadly there don’t seem to be any really active groups, as this is the most recent thread.

I know there are a lot of professional developers on here, but I also understand that they of course expect to be paid for their work and probably expect a certain outcome, which I cannot guarantee. That’s why I thought such a learning group would probably be the best solution for me, as I can’t really offer any valuable contribution to any professional group or project.

It’s been quite some time, but yeah, if people are still interested, I’d love to start it back up. At this exact moment I’ve been a bit busier than I typically am, what with leading summer camps and work, but I’m sure I could squeeze some time in here and there