Learning UE4 advice

Hello everyone!

I have been quite stuck on where to start with learning how to use unreal engine 4

I know theres the online learning, which i fully intend to use, but can some of you perhaps give a suggestion on which of the courses i should learn first, then progress to next? Id love to know the order of importance if there is one!

my goal is to make my own game as a hobby, something small but totally mine. I know its going to be hard as hell to do, but i want to push hard and try!

My next question is, other software programs I should be using. I have played around on blender, the free 1 month on Maya, zbrush was a lost cause for me haha, but id love to learn it. is there any other programs you can suggest i get familiar with? I would love to create my own models as much as i can.

Thanks everyone!

Hello and welcome!

What you want is 3D Modeling + Game programming. That’s a lot but totally achievable.

Start here:…oupon=A525FCB2

It gives a super nice start for people without programming experience: absolute minimum C++ basics needed for game dev, absolute minimum version control basics needed for game dev, then they go into developing using UE4, C++ and blueprints.

I don’t think there’s a better start than that course(I’m not paid or associated with them in any way).

Then this:…oupon=A525FCB2

One suggestion: do everything they do, never just watch, do all the exercises. Just watching is exactly like watching someone doing exercises in a gym and not doing the exercises yourself. Some exercises in their videos(which are 12-15 minutes long each on average) can easily take you 2 hours of work. Don’t hesitate to rewatch previous videos after you forgot something(you will) and rewatch the same video to be able to do the exercises. Well, if you can’t, then just follow after them and try to make things work. And if you can’t and it still doesn’t work, ask on Discord, Stack overflow, these forums and forums on Provide the solution you’ll have on yout gitlab or whatever), and someone will help you.

Well, it’s not about programs but about knowing topics. You can make a model(like a box or a gun or whatever) in any respective program and even just assemble bytes manually(in a hex editor). It’s about what you want to do and why, and programs are just tools for that.

So don’t learn UE4 Editor, Visual Studio, Blender, Maya, etc. Learn algebra, geometry, algorithms, data structures, modeling, coding, computer graphics programming, version control systems, general design patterns, gaming design patterns, software processes, etc(you’ll get to know bits and pieces of all of these topics listed above in the 2 courses I linked). Depending on what you’d like to do you’ll need different levels of knowledge in different areas.

For what you described as a simple game, these 2 courses above should be enough.


I’m sure that’s great advice for someone who is going into the industry, and wants to
make some money, but for a hobbyist, that’s pretty daunting. And no fun for a long time.

Blender & Unreal make a great combo. I’ve been using Blender since 2010, and
it’s an awesome app by itself.

I just got interested in Unreal in the** last week**, but am very impressed with it,
and am jumping in head first. But I just want to have fun with it, and fly through
terrains with ships that I create in Blender or ZBrush.
And want to make some games or for myself, e.g. dominoes, a maze, or
kinetic art.

This is what I’m doing to learn UE4 asap.
Starting here, a 4hr course for beginners (free)…

Also his channel…

Whatever works for you.

Later….just found this 1hr tutorial here at Unreal…

And there are interactive tutorials built into the Editor as well. Very cool.:cool:
The Unreal team has gone the extra mile to provide everything & more to help newbies get up to speed.

I usually try to run before I crawl, but am taking it slow here so as not to get over my skis.
I want to learn Unreal asap, but need to take it one bite at a time, and chew it well.
Have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.
Hope to be running like Forest Gump. :slight_smile:


HTH :slight_smile:

Different strokes for different folks…just don’t give up.

I agree with you man, not all learns the same. We all have our ways.

Advice i give to people getting into unreal is to have fun with it, it can be intimidating with its limitless possibilities and a rabit hole **but **take breaks play around with the examples, see what others are doing (youtube/reddit/the forums) ask lots of questions here on the forums / answer hub and just get lost in the various things at learn.unrealengine and yeah don’t rush it.