Learning to work with or modify NPC behaviour

Anyone know of a so good tutorials to start learning how to make/use/modify NPC’s?

look at the reference from the dinos bp and check it one thing at a time depending on what u want to do it will prob be multiple blueprints or a graph

Depends on what you are trying to do, they’ve got it scattered around pretty well. I spent like 6 hours looking for the few lines that modify one aspect (weighted aggro on dinos) and still haven’t found em. However just from browsing I’ve found a lot of other interesting settings. If you are looking for adding new things like herding or sleeping, than I’m not sure if that is possible atm. But if you want to modify an existing behavior like calling for help or how long they chase you, most of the blueprints give you a halfway decent idea of what each modifier is.

if u no how to use graphs its gonna be alot easier

Herding and groups was exactly what I was eventually hoping to do. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the AI update and learn more about blueprints and “graphing” in the mean time?