Learning to mod

So i am trying desperately to learn how to mod in the Ark Dev Kit.

And the server i’m playing on (Using Arks own TheIsland map), suggested i could learn how to add an island in the south and floating islands around the island in the top right corner of the map.

Now my problem is, when im trying to load TheIsland map, it only loads the water, and i can move around… but when i press the Play button… the character spawns in the TheIsland map…

Anyone got any ideas why that is? or maybe can give some guidance?

Very much appreciated!

Bit confused on your question. Are you saying that before you press play all you see is a map full of water. Then you press play and the island loads in? Just want to make sure I understand you right.

That’s expected behaviour. By default only the main level is loaded, you need to load all the sublevels if you want to see everything. Go to “Windows” -> “Levels”. In the “Levels” tab you can then load the sublevels individually or iirc there is also a “load all levels” option.