Learning to make an XCom / Jagged Alliance like turn based game

Howdy folks! I’m a professional developer with 20+ years of programming experience but a complete newbie with Unreal. I’m still in the “playing” phase and learning the interface (dang… there is a lot to learn)… but my ultimate goal is to create a turn based top down/iso game similar to xcom or jagged alliance.

While I’m sure there aren’t specific tutorials on exactly how to make that exact thing, there are likely other “good to know” tutorials that will arm me with information that is at least in the same vein or just … well … good to know. But I’m not even sure where to look.

Is there a treasure trove of tutorials that I need to go through somewhere?

What about source control? Do you guys package everything up and ship it off to github? Or do you only keep certain things in source control?

Thanks a bunch. Lots to learn…