Learning Skookum Script in 2020

Hi there, I’m very surprised by the number of features available in the skookum script and how it deeply integrated into UE4, but I heard that it’s discontinued now, and people behind it no longer working on it. I saw that the plugin is still maintained and updated to the current engine version. Is there any reason to learn it now? Maybe epic planned to add its scripting language in the future?

Skookum had no real good documentation from the jump, so it’s not worth learning if you have to basically read source to learn it.
It’s being discontinued, so unless you want to take it over and keep the project going, I don’t see the need to adopt it.

UE4 built in AI is good enough to make games with.

SkookumScript has quite a bit of documentation and a fair number of teams continue to use it.

The SkookumScript primer is a good place to start - Primer - SkookumScript