Learning Resource Updates!

In addition to new videos and new written documentation, there are major updates to how you can learn about how to use the editor and access documentation right when you need it!

New Tutorial System

The tutorial system has been completely overhauled in order to provide a more immersive experience!

There are no more popup windows. (Yay!) Unobtrusive text bubbles overlaid on the editor now walk you through interface elements and various features. The editor will alert you about tutorials you haven’t tried, but it never forces you to view anything.

Once you have decided to take a tutorial, you can **right-click **to see other navigation options (or click the combo arrow in the top-right of the content bubble)

Tutorials Browser
There is a fancy new Tutorials Browser that provides easy access to all of the tutorials.

Tutorials can be accessed from either the Help menu or by clicking the new Tutorials icon in the top-right of the editor.

Tutorials Blueprints
Tutorials are actually now built as Blueprint assets. This means you can create your own in-editor tutorials to include with content published to the Marketplace!

Tutorials you create will automatically be visible in the new Tutorial Browser UI.

Improved In-Editor Help
Instant Online Help**

You can type into the new Online Help box and the editor will gather as many helpful resources as we can find from the internet.

Tutorials, documentation, community wiki, and AnswerHub pages are now all accessible from here! Note: We’ve moved the in-editor debug console. You can now press the tilde (~) key to summon the console anywhere within the editor!.

New Help Buttons

With lots of new documentation anchors, it’s easier to jump directly to reference documentation as you need it in the editor!

**Documentation Actors
New documentation actors have been added to sample content that links you to helpful documentation pages. Check out the updated Content Examples project that includes lots of new help links!

**Documentation Nodes
Documentation nodes provide the ability to display documentation snippets in Blueprint graphs. This means you can embed text and images in your graphs to provide information that goes above and beyond the usual comment blocks!

New Help Tool-tips
Lots of detailed tool-tips have been added all over the editor. Material nodes, placeable actors and blueprintable classes now all have rich help when you hover over them with Ctrl+Alt held down.

The Unreal Engine documentation now features an updated look which improves readability! In addition, we added search term suggestions to the front page to help you quickly find the topics you are looking for.

Video Tutorial System

The documentation now includes a video system for finding and viewing all of our video tutorial series! Everything is organized into categories and videos can easily be viewed as an entire series.

Learning Resources

Glad to see you interested in the community!

Can’t wait for the C++ version ^^

That’s wonderful! So much value there :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Definitely appreciated.

Really useful guides, nice and easy to follow. Thanks Epic!
Apologies for being the one who always points this out, but there is a typo in the Creating Landscape Materials guide…
In the info box at the bottom of the page is says “The material connection where colored in Photoshop…” Were, We’re, Where, Were, We’re, Where.
I know, I know, it’s been a long day at the office…these thing happen, I forgive you but only because you’re awesome!

Awesome stuff guys! Very happy to see further efforts in the development of documentation, tutorials and so forth - especially for Paper2D. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

9/18 Learning Resources:

You might have noticed a new look to the Unreal Engine documentation today! There are updates to our search setup, an updated Getting Started page, and video links throughout the docs.

With this update came new how-tos, quick-start guides, and updated reference material:

Also, if videos are more your style, there are two new playlists to check out!

  • Introduction to Paper2D - Learn about sprites & flipbooks while making a 2D game with an animated Character and lifts.
  • Vehicle Time Attack - This tutorial series covers the basics needed to create a simple Time Attack style race completely through Blueprints, using a Canvas HUD and showing how to save game data.

Can’t wait!

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! There have been tons of updates to the documentation and other learning resources recently, but I thought I would take a minute to update you on what Wes has been working on to help you all learn to make UIs with UMG.

**UMG UI Designer Documentation Updates! **

Wes has been hard at work updating and adding to the existing UMG UI Designer documentation. He hasn’t slept. He hasn’t eaten. He has only been writing documentation over UMG for you guys. Some highlights include: a UMG UI Designer – How To section which kicks off with how to create 3D widgets (more will follow), a dedicated page on using Anchors and how they work, the Widget Type Reference page has also been updated to reflect the new/updated widgets and child pages illustrating how to use each widget will start to work their way into this page.

Also, if you haven’t taken a look yet, using Fonts and Animation with UMG pages also exist and should help you on either of those fronts. And another page worth checking out is the Media Framework page which shows how to get videos playing in your games either in 2D screen space through UMG or in 3D space inside your levels.

UMG Inventory Tutorial Series

So the game you are creating requires that your players can pick up and store items that can be accessed and used from an Inventory but you are not quite sure where to start? Well, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered! Somehow in the brief, spare moments between writing documentation, Wes managed to record some videos too. I told you he doesn’t eat or sleep. This is clearly proof of that.

In this video series, you’ll be using the UMG UI Designer (Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer) and Blueprints (Blueprints Visual Scripting) in order to create a fully functional Inventory System. The Inventory System that you will create will allow a player to pick up an item, at which point it is added to your “bag”. You can then access that bag by pressing a button and see the items you’ve collected and can either drop items from the bag or “use” them to affect the character in some way.

Check out the overview video below for a full breakdown:

Woaw , user guide + Video & how to are very impressive and usefull

it’s very good work, if the full doc could be like this :cool:

Thank you

Can’t wait! In desperate need of proper, solid, exhaustive C++ documentation.

Also, high level view of engine mechanics:

What classes are called in what order (and why!!!) during the loading of game, etc.

Blueprints are getting disproportional amount of attention, C++ seems to be left behind which doesn’t feel right and feels rather unfair.

Can we get a small update on C++ documentation? It’s been months since we’ve heard anything.

I’m guessing the hold up relates to the big changes being made to UObject / C++ in general in upcoming versions?

We’re in the process of overhauling the entire programming section. It’s a pretty big effort so it may take a little while to get those changes up online.

Thanks for the reply . I couldn’t be happier to hear you’re all taking the time to do it right :slight_smile:

That’s great news. I’d been meaning to post about this actually.
Even just a brief description of what the intended use of each function is and how the parameters are used would be a huge improvement. Browsing engine code can only take you so far, and even if you understand enough to get something working, there’s always the risk that you used something in an unintended way and it might break in the future.

Any of putting up some work in progress sections earlier, maybe get some feedback?