Learning question

So, I’m used to using various different programming languages and making games out of those. I love C++, and was tempted to just do that, but I really want to use some great features such as graphics, and being able to release for multiple platforms. But engines are really difficult for me and I really need some help from everyone.

I know how I’d do it on my own if it were a language, I’d figure out:
1 Draw on the screen
2 Find out how to make it move. (using a clock.)
3. Find out how to control it. (Using input.)
4. Go to town and finish a game outline and have it running within a weekend
5. Try to speed it up and add features (Multithreading etc.)

(I’ve been freaking out over this for a month, and I need to set a realistic timeline for myself.)

What kind of milestones are there in learning this engine?
And about how long should I expect?

The “ramp up” time on UE4 depends entirely on your experience in game development and with engines. That said, you can easily get up a working game using any of the templates, see the code/step through it, and start picking apart how things are happening. Then just modify behaviors and start playing with things.

IMO the best way to learn is by doing, so pick a game you want to make - then start going step by step and try to make it. Google, YouTube for answers when you get stuck as someone has likely already found an answer to whatever problem you are having.