Learning project - Working towards a fantasy

So, this is more of a project thread for myself, to maybe motivate me to actually finish something for once. Don’t expect anything of value in this thread, as I barely know how to navigate UE and 3DS Max.

I’ve had this idea, this wish, to make a horror game for close to 10 years. I downloaded and played around with UDK when I was 15, but the recurring problem was asset creation. I realised I wouldn’t get anywhere without touching at least 2 or more programs other than UDK and my interest faded. Fast forward to today and I have never stopped thinking about this game and how much I want to see it come to life. I’m notoriously bad at finishing anything I set out to do and I usually lose interest in a hobby after a couple of months. That’s why I’m creating this thread. I want to post regularly, something like once a week, just to force myself to open 3DS Max and UE and keep learning. If anyone want to pitch in with tips, tricks or just chatting about game creation you are very welcome to do so.

Now, for those of you who haven’t understood the extent of my lack of knowledge, here’s a picture to illustrate how far I’ve come:

Well Mr. Vulcan_I, how is your horror game coming along? I hope you’ll have something to show soon.

I think it’s good that you tried to find a way to push/motivate yourself into pursuing the completion of a game. It appears from the thread so far that not much might be done, but I hope you have been keeping at something (have it be 3D modeling, programming, engine work). If so, post and share the love. Tell us what your horror idea is!

I appreciate that you take the time to reply to my post more than you know, thank you.
I have been fooling around a bit more, yes. I followed a tutorial step by step so still no creations of my own, but I’ve learned a lot about exterior modeling and how to create walls etc.

House with balc.png


House inside.png

Again, thank you, it makes it harder for me to stop working on this. It’s also a lot more fun with an audience!
My idea is really just that, an idea. I know what I want to do and I know the setting. I’ve been juggling around concepts, but I think one of the strong points is that I haven’t actually locked myself on one thing. I want it to be sci fy (Dead space, but without the shooting and jumpscares). I’m a sucker for the kind of horror you get from Amnesia, as I believe ambience/atmosphere to be more powerful than any jumpscare ever created. An atmospheric virtual reality horror game is of course the dream, but let’s not get carried away just yet. If I could create a working pre-pre-alpha with one level in the next couple of years, I would be happy.

Thanks for your time!