Learning Path: Stack-O-Bot

Stack-O-Bot is a great project for those picking up Unreal Engine for the first time or for developers looking to try out all the new features in Unreal Engine 5. It uses Lumen, Nanite, World Partition, Control Rig, Metasounds and Enhanced Input System.


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Hey, trying to step through this tutorial. However, I am stuck even at the most basic level.

The tutorial references the .zip file from the StackOBot assets, but the launcher downloads it directly into the file directory it seems. I had to ‘create a project’ to get the assets to download.

All-in-all that wasn’t a huge issue, just a bit of fiddling.

The issue I’m having is at 3:30 mark. It references adding in “sm_crate” and well from what I can tell that does not exist in the StackOBot content’s folder… Feels like its lacking and I can’t identify a source to download .ZIP independent of the launcher.

Any tips?

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I found an SM_Crate in the Props directory, check there, maybe it’s part of the zip install and went to a diff directory for you ?

I’m having the same issue, did you resolve it?

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The zip was added to the project later. And projects you already created from the marketplace before that will not updated. I added some notes to the article here on the hub about it. So you might have to create a new StackOBot Project and then you should find a zip inside the contentfolder (sorry for the german windows)

In there under props you should find the sm_crate fbx:

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Perfect, thanks very much Andi!

I am doing this tutorial follow along and I am not finding any of the props. I have no idea what you people mean. I was only allowed to download this project via the Marketplace it’s not found anywhere else. I got it off the Marketplace yesterday and it’s Octobler 2022.

Where do I get the props that go with this tutorial?

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In case anyone is still having issues with this: It appears that if you create the project in Unreal Engine 5.1, the .zip file mentioned above will be missing, but if you create it in 5.0, it’ll be there.


i am doing this tutorial and I am stuck in bot animation my bot is not rotating 360 while in game mode

Good one. It was driving me crazy. Creating the project for 5.0 and then using the assets in 5.1 is working fine for me. Thanks.

I ran up against the same thing. In that same area of settings, you need to go down to the “Pawn” rollout and turn off “Use Controller Rotation Yaw.”

Thank you very much! You were super kind.

The Zip file exists in the Stack-o-bot market place download. Creating a new Stack-o-bot project will create a copy of the zip file in the projects directory.


The zip file also exists in your vault Cache Location. This is a directory where all your store assets are downloaded to. You can find this directory from your Epic Unreal Launcher in settings.


My Default location on my PC was a in a place that wasn’t intuitive in the slightest

Zip files don’t show up from from the UE5 import file browser. You need to open a new file explorer to see it. Then you can unzip it and import the files through Unreal’s import tool.

I unzipped mine to my downloads and was able to continue along with the tutorial.