Learning path for game programmers

So I managed the basics from tutorials, I can make games from the knowledge I gathered. But what’s next? Where do people learn how to use vectors, lerps, rotators,
I mean is thst some knowledge that comes from outside of the engine?

Learn mathematics.
Learn physics.
Learn foundations (programming paradigms).
Learn programming languages (notice the plural on ‘languages’)

Today is sunday; I’m reading books and working…

-Have polytechnic qualification in programming
-Have experience with java, c#, mysql, php, uml modeling, system analysis
Everything I know is absolutely useless for the matter, it’s just a time and memory waste
Anything other than c++ or exactly gamedev related things is absolutely useless
I guess I have to learn things like opengl and stuff like that?

And what part of physics, what part of mathematics? Both are extrmeext wide areas.

Yes… Wide topics.
That means you’ll be studying for life or until you retire. If you become professional and stop learning then there’s a massive possibility of somebody else replacing you sooner than you could notice.

There’s a whole pack of reasons why majority of people leave games industry after around 5 years of work.

What’s next is finding the learning project that drives you and go start doing the core features of it.

Once you’ll beat the challenge you fixed yourself, move on to the next challenge / learning project.

I don’t really think so.
In my opinion, gamedev is one of the easiest fields in programming(after web development of course, this is a plumber level job)
You don’t really have to invent the bicycle time each you work on a project
All projects in the world are extremely similar copy pastes of each other, and 90% of them are extremely easy. I don’t really see why even a Witcher developer would need physics or math.
Movement in Witcher 3 can be recreated by any beginner, and pretty much everything is achievable by
beginners. It’s not a rocket science, you don’t need physics. Once someone invented a template of doing character movement, everyone else will just copy it. Very easy and relaxed job. You don’t Invent anything. Stop making yourself look smarter by misleading profession’s requirements

Is there any statics to that?
I think they leave just because the pay is bad and they become good enough for fields other than gamedev. Seriously, game programming is a joke, you can get whole games on assets stores

So, why are you here?

With all due respect @Dudester01 you seem to lack focus and direction. You ask questions, and no matter the answers people give you, you just dismiss them and in some instances attack the very people that are trying to help you.

Yeah sorry man you are right