Learning Integration Of C++ in Unreal?

I’ve been learning C++, but the tutorials I follow barely mention any sort of game programming, so I was wondering what are some good tutorials that teach game programming within the Unreal Engine?

All answers appreciated.

If you have no prior knowledge of any other programming language I would recommend you to spend some time doing the “non-game”-programming for a while until you get the basics down in C++ so you can start understanding the documentation for UE etc. When you are at that level I would start plowing all the documentation from Epic and the tutorials available. The newly started project by Tom Looman could be a great place to start looking at the usage of C++ in UE. Here is a link to the Survival Project: (Perhaps not a tutorial, but a great way to understand C++ I think).

If you have prior experience from an earlier language like Java or similiar I would take the jump (I did) and start trying stuff with UE and C++ with help from documentation and some tutorials. Just don’t dig a to deep hole for yourself, start easy and progress as you get used to it :slight_smile: