Learning how to use Augmented Reality


I am new to Augmented Reality in Unreal, got few questions…

~ If I use PC, is that only can do Android apps, or I need a Mac to do the IOS apps? Because some people say that you can use Unreal running on PC to do both, I just wonder to make clear of this.

~ and found this on the web…
It talks about “How to deliver AR on the web only with a QR Code”, it say you no need install any AR apps on mobile device, instead scanning the “pattern QRcode” and stream the web application as a AR apps and open the 3D object on the mobile…

  1. just wonder to know the “know how” of this?
  2. if I using Unreal to make a normal AR apps, any possibility that can use this new tech togather?

Thank you in advance and any input is higher welcome. And sorry for my bad English…



Hi, I’m new to Augmented Reality aswell.

You can do both on a regular MAC or Windows machine.

But you have to use differents plugins built in already in UE4 (hoping you’re using the latest version).

To make an idea how AR works i suggest to take a look of the template AR in UE4.

Unluckly there are no many information on the net…or tutorial to learn how to use it BTW i’m not the best to give you more information because as you can see i’m a noobie about UE 4 an Augmented Reality , so i’m waiting aswell to reach any kind of info in order to understand better this technology.

Hi thank you very much for your reply.