Learning curve of Blueprint vs C++?

Hi there so I have been learning Java progamming but that wouldn’t help in UE4.

My question is if you already completed “head first java” and you can program in Java how long would it take to learn C++ vs something like Blueprint?

would blueprints be viable for a FPS game?

The most important thing is that you already know the concepts of programming - variables, loops, conditionals, oop.

BP is essential, simple and is more than enough to start making the game and even to complete a fully functional prototype.

However, as you progress and feel more confortable, you may want to start introducing some C++: a BP node here, an actor there. Nothing fancy, and you will soon realize that UE4 C++ isn’t that hard or complicated.

It depends how serious you are with programming. Programming goes far beyond making code that works actually.

would blueprints be viable for a FPS game?

A single player, yes and many more type of games, a fps multiplayer can be more optimize in c++