Learning curve for unity developer and console code

I am a newcomers to unreal world and this is my first post as I can remember :). I have been using unity3d as a primary game engine for so long. Now I think I need a leap, a giant one. So I seek help from you guys. Before going further lets take a look at what I am doing currently:

I am very familiar with unity3d in its every aspects. I have developed a bunch of works for clients and some in house games are currently in development(some are being ported) for PC/mobile/consoles. I am very familiar with level design, gameplay programming, writing vertex/fragment/compute shaders. Augmented reality, virtual reality, kinect etc are another nature of mine :smiley: .
I have also deved a bunch of tools to aid development. I am familiar with art pipelines for games and how they are brought to game engine :).

I had a slight taste in c/c++ development in distant past. Pointers were nightmares to me. I hate visual scripting in most time and love coding raw. I hate recipe based tutorial stating, do this-then do that-then click here etc. In stead I prefer something from basic so that it would make my foundation strong. For example, many unofficial tutorials from internet seems recipe like while official unity3d learning tutorial was helpful for developing foundation.

So guys, from where should I start?

Another question: we are newly registered company for playstation development. Devnet access is yet to be obtained, may be within this month :D. Can I access UE for playstation right now? If yes then how? If not, please mention the condition out of the following.

  1. Devnet access
  2. Devnet access+devkit