Learning c++ with unreal engine

Hi all!
As the course that I’m taking is still not completed and there are no from complete from beginner up tutorials on youtube that teach you unreal engine and c++ together I have set myself a goal to make that!
I have some experience with video editing so I aim to provide relatively high quality content for whoever wants to learn c++ and unreal engine! I am sorry if I may not be the best teacher ever but I guess you’ll just have to live with it :stuck_out_tongue:
So anyhow I just wanted to put it out here, my aim is to upload 3 video’s per week starting with
(With this series I am not denying that there isn’t any good content out there, its just that there is as far as I know nothing that teaches you from nothing up to actually being able to do something AND uses c++ on YouTube)
Please give me feedback on what I should improve!:slight_smile:

Tutorial 2 released:
Tutorial 3 released:
Tutorial 4 released:
Tutorial 5 released:
Tutorial 6 released:
Tutorial 7 released:
Tutorial 8 released:

–Update and feedback video!

I think you did a great job. Good start!

Nice! Thanks :wink:

Thanks for all your comments! I am sorry if my voice is bad but I’m only 13 so yeah ;( Anyhow I hope to keep this series up!

Age don’t change anything:)

The plan is better :smiley:
Good luck

Thanks! I have at least 6 new video’s all qued up!

Nice work and thanks for taking the time to make the videos!


No Problem, I just noticed it was not available and as I love making video’s I just thought why now? So here I am making video’s! Thanks for your compliment!

Hi everyone! I just uploaded lecture 2! Check it out here:

Hi again, I just released number 3 to this series! Please check it out here:

No. 4 just came out! Check it out here:

Tutorial no. 5 about version control is out! Check it out here:

Tutorial 6 released!

Tutorial 7 released!

You are copying from this guy:

And therefor i am not sure if this is legit.

Hi, I checked with this person that I am allowed to use the first game, I have asked permission and he agreed. This is not breaking any rules I hope

Tutorial 8 released!

To clear some things up and to ask for feedback there is now a new video up!