Learning C++ with programming experience

Hello guys! I have been making some games for myself using blueprints and I would like to shift to C++. I have some programming experience - C#, Python and Pascal (I know it is ancient, but we learn it at school and I think it is a pretty good way to get into programming/algorithmization).

I want to ask you, what do you think is the best way to start with C++ and use it with UE4? I found this course on Udemy, which starts with intro into C++, programming a game in pure C++ and then going into UE4. Does somebody have any experience with it?

Do you know any alternatives?

Thank you,


I haven’t looked at that course. There is a Battery terminal tutorial.

For C++, it’s very similar to C#, just add pointers basically.

Epic really did good job with the C++. They even have awesome reflection (not a standard feature of C++). It does feel like C# to me in terms of ease and utility

I have took this course and just finished it and i can 100% recommend it. He has very good projects setup for you, challenges and has quizzes to refresh your memory also the forums are very helpful on there and they reply quickly

Are there any free courses out there? I have programmed in Lua for three years, but casts and variable types in C get me every time. Any tutorial to help me churn out workable code?

you can have a look at this but i haven’t tried it myself so not sure if it will be good but looking through the lectures they go through all the basics