Learning C++ to land a job in the game industry

I just completed my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I’ve taken part in a couple of game jams, and have been working on some hobby projects using Unity3D. I feel quite confident using it.

More than anything, I would love to land a job in the video game industry. While there are quite a few indie studios that use Unity, I’ve come to realize that C++ is still dominating the industry as Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire the main programming language and that I would very much limit my options if I was only looking for jobs that don’t have C++ knowledge as a requirement. Now I will admit that with a CS degree, I should probably know more about C++ than I do, but as a matter of fact I just never used it for any project of significant size. Therefore, my C++ skills are very limited. However, I know quite a bit about object-oriented software design and design patterns.

I would appreciate any advice for someone in my situation. I don’t have to land a job in the industry tomorrow, but I would like to have a plan to get there as fast as possible. Should I stick with Unity and hope to land a job in a studio that uses it, or should I broaden my knowledge and pick up a C++ book and start using the Unreal Engine? In the latter case, what C++ book would you recommend for someone in my position?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Learning C++ by learning Unreal Engine will teach you Unreal Engine C++ and not regular C++. Don’t get me wrong Unreal Engine is using real C++ but the day to day work in Unreal Engine is using the Unreal API that makes you skip a lot of the memory management stuff etc.

Learning several programming languages is always a good idea and the learning doesn’t stop when you are done with your education.

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No one can really answer this question fairly.

You meet devs that don’t deserve their roles.
You meet others that do, but don’t get offers.

Attitude is everything and all that, plus Luck!
Or is Luck just taking ‘probability’ personally…:confused:
Er wait - ‘chance favors the prepared mind’…:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway if you’re starting out it has to be C++…