learning c++ game programming

hello everyone,
i’m planning to learn c++ for unreal engine and for that i was looking around for tutorials and that’s what i ended up with

1st step: basic c++ programming “” this is a serie of around 12 hours of verry beautiful done c++ tutorials
2nd step: directx programming “” this one is more than 70 hours video tutorials i’m following them right now and it’s just amazing ‘specially after following the 1st step’ it goes with you from beginner to advanced
3rd step: this one you have to pay for but you can skip it if you understand perfectly the last steps “” they have basic c++ but i didnot like it because ou have to read books ^^ and i prefer video tutorials and they have a 60hours + 3000 pages of how to make you game engine "looks to e verry good and give a deep understanding of 3ddirectx and how graphics and games work " and they also have a 10hour+ tutorials for AI and it’s the same used in unreal engine

so that’s it you now have 150hours of tutorials to master the c++ and if you like reading and have money you can skip the 1st and 2nd steps , just as you like
another website that provide general and advanced c++ topics (not for games ) is pluralsight “” they have about 80 hours of c++ programming about general topics

if you want to make them all you’re in front of some 250 hours of tutorials ^^ but i am more than sure that after that you’ll be more than comfortable with unreal engine 4 and actually after thinking it’s not that much by working 10hours a day you can make it in 1month ,it’s difficult but possible i’m in front of my pc 15hours aday if only i could make them profitable for my education ^^
but even by working 5 or 4 hours a day you’ll make it in 3months maximum

for those of you who are planning to follow those tuorials or if you hav another tutorials i invite you to make a special forum about this learninpath so we can discuss our progress and … you know^^

Just an info. You propably gonna have to start to like reading, because coding tutorials are better in text form, and are usually more informative.

i actually like reading but i’m from morocco my ****** tong is arabic and the languages i studied are french and spanish so english is my fourth language and so i’m not really verry good at it and as you know all programming language are in english , documentation is in english and also tutorials so that’s why i prefer videos because books use sometimes some hard words i don’t understand , videos are made by friendly people, young and are really easy to understand^^

Just go for the first-step tutorials. You don’t need to learn DirectX to use Unreal Engine.
Also the C++ courses are better as they focus on using Visual Studio as your IDE.

Also check out for best practices on how to structure/design your code.
(Look at this when you are done with your C++ tutorials)

thanks for your message now i have a better idea on how to do things and a lot of time is going to be saved seiing i’m not going to do the directx tutorials

I would agree and recommend GameInstitute. For 100USD it is a great introduction to all things video game design. They also dive into Unity and their own engine via SVN. Some of the content is older but it still relevant. Also, if you have ever been interested in hardware they have a section where they explore the Hydra platform.

At the very heart of things you could break a computer program or a computer to three steps.

  1. Take or Input Data
  2. Manipulate Data
  3. Store or Output Data

That’s it. That’s all a computer does at the end of the day. So if you think about it like this it will make the process much easier. Game Design in general really isn’t much different except that there is ALOT of data to consider and alot of conditions to think about.

The best way to learn game programming is really to just start doing it. Download one of the examples and try modding the source code for a while. TheNewBoston’s C++ tutorial I hear is popular among students, so you may want to watch him and take those concepts and utilize them in your modding experience.

It’s REALLY important to know that C++ is C except with Objects. Object-Oriented programming is definitely a weird concept at first but in reality it’s actually pretty simple! Just think of an Object as something that holds both variables and functions, that’s it.

My point? Try to look at this at the very bare-bottom basic level of things and you’ll catch on really, really quick! Good luck!

waw mens thank to all of you verry much verry encouraging and helpfull