Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 updated to 4.7

For those of you who are stuck on this book because it uses the outdated 4.5 UE4 engine. Then this GitHub repository would help you update it to UE4 4.7. There aren’t that many changes to the C++ in UE4 4.7 but enough to cause problems with compilation down the line if following the book code. Since UE4 gets updated quite often then this code would have to be a living document to help other readers of this book in the future.
This repository would not only include the default GoldenEgg code but also additional wiki tutorials in the future that would add extra functionality.

GitHub link:

GitHub link: is dead…

The link is currently down due to personal circumstances affecting the progress of the tutorial series. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Any chance this will return or that we can at least get the last submission / updates?