Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 by William Sherif

Came across this book while searching for some bits. Was wondering if anyone else had bought it previously and whether it was work the purchase?

It seems a recent publish, but it doesn’t say which version of UE4 its using.

Many Thanks

Seems like a good book to get, would be nice to see some reviews though, always sceptical about physical books

having had a brief look at the contents of the book ill give you a rough outline best i can recall. *note i have not read it, just a 5 minute browse.
first off, it uses something like ue4 4.5 so a lot of the really basic unreal c++ ‘additions’ are no longer there or have changed significantly. so when the compiler throws errors, you would have to search the interwebs for up to date info and try to mash it into what the book is telling you.
the book is structured in quite an academic way, meaning all the info is there but its a real slog to read any of it, somewhat lacking in the fun department.
on a positive note it has lots of useful stuff about c++ basics, variables, functions ect and it does give examples of coding a pawn and what have you.

overall it seems very useful but already outdated reference material.
if it was cheaper i might be tempted to buy it, but ill probably just keep hacking away on my own searching for things as and when i need them.

Ahh righto thanks for that post :slight_smile: - this is my problem with books made of dead tress rather than digital is they get to out dated fast and £20 does seem expensive especially reading your post

Check to see if the ebook version will get updated.

Glad I asked here before any purchase now. Thanks.

true, it would be a good book if it does.
personally im waiting for Rama’s book, it will probably be a little more friendly to read and it will be up to date and free :slight_smile:

If Rama is making a book then no doubt it will be good. I’ll wait and see what happens and continue to spam Google with my questions.


Who is rama? And what book he is releasing?

Nothing you can’t learn from docs or the wiki in there. The only thing I liked about that book was that it was structured from easy to more advanced stuff (which is a good thing for ue4 c++ beginners) and that it compares ue4 containers with the standard c++ containers. It uses UE 4.5.