Learning C++ and game development

I’m new to game development and also coding games in general. I’m currently learning C++ through “C++ Primer” along with other sources such as YouTube, and in general familiarizing myself with game development and how it works.

My question is how will learning C++ in general correlate with learning game development and actually coding a game? If I know C++ well but not game development and I jump straight into Unreal, Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail is it possible to simply code a game with my knowledge of just C++ and not the steps of creating a game? For example - if you code a website in C++ (ridiculous, I know) and another person codes a game in C++, will the web developer know absolutely nothing about the code used to make that game and will it seem gibberish to him, or will it be easy to understand?

Really lengthy question and quite simple but I didn’t know how to phrase it, thanks in advance c:

No, because making games isn’t about coding only.
It’s a whole pack of disciplines you have to get used to, learning programming is just one of many steps.

If you are asking if you by learning the basics of C++ will be able to begin coding a functional game in Unreal Engine from day one, the answer is no. Even experienced programmers will spend months to learn the code base of the engine and the features they need to use.

It is always a good idea to get a solid foundation before diving into something as complex as a game engine. The purpose of a game engine is however to help you with tools so you don’t have to start from nothing. Like with any other tool it takes time before you know how to use it well though.

Make sure that you don’t learn outdated methods of developing in C++ as things have changed in some ways during the last 10 years. A good tutor will explain what has changed so you can still read old code though.