Learning Blueprints need a real tutorial...

I’m trying to learn blueprints I’m a programmer so I understand the basics.

What I don’t understand is UE4 and how all of this works together.

For example creating a global variable that can be modified and updated within the game?

A player controller, A pawn, Other controllers etc.

Is there a good tutorial that covers all of these things and lays this stuff out in a very simple example?

I’m at a wall and I honestly am not learning anything anymore from an advanced tutorial that utilizes all of these things but never explains what they are what they should be used for etc.

Thanks if anyone knows of a very simple tut and in the meantime if I find one I will post!

The way I learnt is take any of the available example projects like thirdperson or FPS free projects in unreal browser then load them up and study everything in them and try to work out how they made it. The way I tackle any project is always the same . Start with inputs , get the player moving, then think to yourself right what do I do next and try to do it. When I get stuck I google that specific thing this is a mistake people make they always Google stuff like how to make a mmo and then get annoyed when they can’t find anything to help them . You need to focus on specific things at a time so do stuff like how to add player input, how to make a character rotate etc and gradually over time you will start to realise the best ways to do things yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment best way to learn is by just trying to do it and failing and trying over and over again.

Most people don’t utilise the unreal documentation it isn’t the best but it has improved a lot over the months . Also the wiki is another good source of information . And finally unreals own YouTube channel has a lot of brilliant videos covering nearly everything to do with the engine

Here’s a link so you can subscribe

And also a link to some useful documentation

Hello Nazban.

There is so far I know not a complete tutorial for all that togheter that explains every blueprint kind and how to talk together and more. Simply because it is alot of info and too much for one tutorial. The tutorials from Unreal Engine itself are really nice to begin I know that they will explain also basic things about coding in there but keep watching and they will also explain how to do it in blueprints.
When you make a new blueprint they explain what it is used for.
Player controller is the controller from the player that is always active.
Pawn is something you can possess such as a vehicle and other charaters.
Game mode to set the game mode of that current level. etc…

Did you try the tutorials of my blog: Romero Blueprints ?

I find that the various Unreal Engine tutorials from Epic on YouTube are pretty good.
It’s not that you need to learn “blueprints” so much as you need to learn the Unreal Engine.
It’s a huge library, with very specific ways of doing certain things, but very open-ended in doing other things.
The written documentation for the core classes (Pawn, Player Controller, etc) is also useful.

Wow [MENTION=945]Marcos Romero[/MENTION], thats a very helpfull resource!

I also recomment you this:
there are a lot good bp scripts

Thx, I will have a look into it!