Learning Advice Request

Hello U4 Community.

I’m here to humbly for an advice!
I’m a Unity3D user, and I really want to jump to U4, but even watching U4-tutorials, Tesla-Dev, and some user tutorials, I can’t get started at all.

I try to create a empty project, but every object created, is not empty. It already have a whole of premade settings. This is ruining my learning! I can’t get the results I want placing the right Blueprint nodes, because empty objects have a bunch of parameters that is messing up with the original goal.

I hit play, it already create a Camera without I set one to the scene (Level) (and yes I removed the Player-start object, the camera, almost everything. Looks like the engine already set things up for you without you asking for! Shoud gimme a warning as “No camera set. Define one to simulate!”

Advice request: What shoud I watch, read or whatever is necessary to know these minor things that ruin the learning process !?

Is very discouraging that. I should be who set things in engine and not itself.
Best regards,

-That’s the sense behind those blueprint classes → when you create a character bp, it should already contain the basic stuff like movement/mesh slot/… :wink:
-The thing with the camera → in the world properties you can choose the gamemode. In the gamemode you can add a camera + pawn blueprint which will create the camera (by default it’s set to spectator)
-Now to the learning part:

When you have problems with something (e.g that you dont know what exactly the engine already made), make sure to post it into the forum so that we can help you :slight_smile:

there are 2 principles in gameplay programming. (MY OPINION)

Vectors, Traces, handle those 2 and you can make anything really. Pretty much that’s the start point.

Get this objectives first maybe ?

-Spawn your own actor via c++/blueprint

-Create your own gun that shoots traces, and if hits a pawn get it’s reference

-Attach an asset with the AttachTo function.

-Get if a player it’s behind of you or infront of you, that is done with the DOT product, the dot product it’s a vector operation for many purposes in gameplay programming.

I thank you guys for the encouraging.
I’ll give it a try.

Point and Click - Cubes spawn randomized in the screen, with short time, i must double click them do destroy and make a high score. Each color of the cubes gives differ points.

Guess it’s a good start.
I’ll be in touch!