Learning about GameFramework, Game Mode and general project Structure


My team is coming from several years of Unity Development, so I am really used to singletons, persistent objects, managers and such. Making the jump into blueprint/C++ wasn’t that much nerve racking, but what does concern me is how to structure a project.

I have been reading about Game Mode, Game State, Controllers and such, but I haven’t been able to see a clear explanation or example on how to properly implement those concepts into my game. For example the Radial Impact community project, has an actor that is stated to be GameModeActor (essentially a manager as in ye old unity projects) but the GameMode blueprint is actually empty (barely holding the defaults).

Could anyone point me towards good learning resources regarding the game framework? I really want to take advantage of the Game Mode Blueprint, Level Blueprint and Controllers/Actors. But this is really obscure right and am just copying and pasting a lot of the code that am adding to the Level BP.

Thanks in advance!