Learning about Character Locomotion Systems

Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty new to game development and ue4, and I wanted to dive into topics and concepts elated player locomotion. Initially, I downloaded Advanced Locomotion System V4, by LongmireLcomotion, in order to learn from, but I realized that there is a lot values and and functions that are intertwined to support numerous features (nonetheless, the BPs are really well organized, and with a lot of comments to boot!). I’m following along pretty well with the BP logic, but it’s pretty difficult to keep track of what functions and values are powering which features. Because the BPs are not very digestible for learning (at least for me), I want to supplement my studies with topics that are essential to data driven animation systems (admittedly, I don’t know where to start here). Is there anywhere I should start? Any advice would be helpful! (I don’t mind learning from code sources either.)