Learning 3D modeling

Hey everyone,

I’m a student Software Engineering who is mostly focused on the programming part of software and apps. In my free time I like to combine my hobbies: gaming and programming. And I want to go step to the next level.

I’m a developer and programming is my kind of stuff but I would love to learn 3D modeling in a Blender or Cinema 4D. I’ve always had some difficulties with the 3D models and most of the times I use some free props from the marketplace.

My questions is: How can I learn 3D modeling easy, as a developer. I really love the low poly style and I would really like to learn it.

So how did you started learning 3D modeling and what tutorials did you use? I find it very hard to find some good tutorials and I’m searching for a Low poly tutorial for beginners.

Thanks for helping out.

If you want to step up your modeling skills, there are some helpful tutorials on youtube and vimeo. It depends on what program your using, but there are always many around. Make sure you get a good modeling base down and you understand ideas and techniques around high poly and low poly models, baking, etc. just to get a good grasp. Another option would be subscribing for Pluralsight for some helpful tutorials in 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Game Engines if need be. Lastly, posting on forums like this is always a very helpful way to meet new people and get help and feedback when needed and create contacts for future references.


i am also a software developper (LOB apps mainly) but with a big big interest in 3D for a long time.

i would say that the main issue you are facing is finding time, because learning and not especially 3d but learning in general can take a little
to experiment, study, understand … etc but not too much :slight_smile:

i don’t know C4D but i would definitively recommend blender, it’s powerfull, fast, lightweight and free !!!

there is tons and tons of tutorials on the web for blender, most of them are completely free, on top of my head i would recommend :

  • blender guru tutorials-
  • cgcockie
  • and many many many more :stuck_out_tongue:

start by learning the basics of modelling and how to manipulate,edit objects to make differents shapes and sizes,
after that you would be able to make any object you want, the only limit is your imagination :wink:

btw, the image scene above is really simple and is not that difficult to make from a modeling side,

good luck .

You have to do a lot of tutorials.Download the video>see 1min>pause>you repeat>and like that all the way to the end of the video,with many videos.Takes time, but thats how you do it(unless you pay and take a course with a teacher which i dont think it loud be of that much help).

The image above is easy and i can do it in a blink as im experienced,but for someone new there is quite some more there that meets the eye.Shape,composition,proportions etc.

The first thing you need to do is choose the software you want to model based on the future you want it to addapt.

maya/max-still the most used in the industry but they cost monthly now.No perpetual license.(thank you CEOs blood succkers).If you want to learn one of these,than you know you will have to do ¨¨things in secret¨¨ in the begining

xsi-forget it.Its dead now and not future proof.(thanks to the guys from autodesk)

lightwave 3d-its a lone wolf.Dont.

modo-the first choice after maya and max to take as companyes are starting to adopt it.And is cheap.

cinema 4d-probably just as good but i think less devs are using it.

The rest is you.You dont want to start with a tutorial specific for the image above.That one is a style/technique.You will understand it when you make enough tutorials.It will take time.

Tutorials from digital tutors are the best for new and experienced.The ones from gnomon are more made for the experienced as they often go fast and is expected from you to know the stuff that was not covered.